Everything Is About Privilege (543)

Stefan starts us off with an update on the Dakota Access Pipeline and Water Protectors in North Dakota now that the militarized police have finished clearing the camp. It's been a long journey in this story and it certainly isn't over now, but a page has been turned and Stefan gives us a quick history lesson and a play by play of the developments this week.

Daryn has been working on a fake political platform (real ideas, but we're not actually going to run as a party) of what we would like to see because several news items this week addressed the growing list of problems in our society that these proposed solutions attempt to address. This includes ideas such as not only a MIN income for Canadians (an idea that's already floating around in Canada) but also a MAX income, using trade deals to spread ecology and human dignity in ways the United Nations can't, mandatory independent science policy review panels to help communicate policy implications to the public, and the rapidly incoming threat of mass job loss due to automation in the workplace.

inally Sabina and Geoff Doner (our Arts and Culture correspondent) discuss fracking science and the ways in which people respond to information from data and media reports to art and cultural knowledge.

Bonus Show:

SEX ROBOTS. No seriously... just listen.

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Bahamas 'Bitter Memories' & Jason Collett 'Brownie Hawkeye'

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