The Great Derangement (548)

Photo of Amitav Ghosh by Sumit Dayal

Krystyna Henke interviews award-winning novelist Amitav Ghosh to start the show. He holds a doctorate from Oxford University and has taught at Columbia and Harvard University, among others. To name just a few of the many international awards he won over the years, here are two: In 2010 Amitav Ghosh, along with renowned fellow writer Margaret Atwood, received the Dan David Prize. The following year, he was a recipient of the International Grand Prix of the Blue Metropolis Festival in Montreal. His latest book was published in October, 2016, by The University of Chicago Press. It is a work of nonfiction and its title is The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable.

In the main news section Daryn talks about Trumps dismantling of Obama's Clean Energy Program, and the implications for global leadership, renewable investment and the future of fossil fuels as well as the importance of American world influence for Canada.

Finally, Daryn and Krystyna discuss a piece from Samantha Bee's comedy/politics show "Full Frontal" about the how and why of incentivizing people to support journalism. Is the answer gamification? We aren't sure, but it's an interesting discussion to have as to why this might be effective aside from the obvious and lessons we can learn from that.

Bonus Show:

Corporate welfare: why isn't what good for the goose good for the gander? We discuss corporate capture of policy in Canada and abroad. Do the people ever actually benefit when large companies get sweet deals? Why don't citizens get the same deals?

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