Employees Are People Too (549)

For almost thirty years now, union man Ken Bondy has represented workers, helping them to create safer and healthier workplaces. He was the Health and Safety representative for the Canadian Auto Workers union. Then, when it merged in 2013 with the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada and became Unifor, now the largest private sector union in Canada, he continued his work on behalf of workers. Correspondent Krystyna Henke's interviews Ken Bondy in the first segment of this weeks show.

Tim Nash, the sustainable economist joins us for the rest of the program initially to talk about an event he ran to help people think about their investments and the impact they have on the rest of us with a 'gamified' learning experience with real-life sustainability companies and $3 million in 'play money'.

With the help of contributor Sabina Hyseni, Tim sticks around to help us discuss a range of issues including climate mitigation, the international politics of climate impacts, the difficulty of asking people to pay to NOT have anything happen (preventing climate effects) and more.

Bonus Show:

Tim answers host Daryn's possibly crazy question: why don't we simply do away with separate currencies (ie one global currency)? This leads to a more general question about 'communalism', how and should there be min and max wealth limits (but this time with an actual economist) and finally, what would we do with $1 billion?

This Weeks Music:

Alvvays  'Next of Kin' & Neil Young 'Heart Of Gold'

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