Sustainable Joes (550)

We begin this week with Stephen Szucs, founder of Sustainable Joes. Stephen talks to us about his documentary look at the sustainability movement asking important self-reflective questions.

Stefan Hostetter rejoins us this week to talk about the myth of the resurgence of American coal under Donald Trump... or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

Carson Fong closes out the show for us with a new update on an older story about exposed corruption and criminal activity on behalf of Royal Dutch Shell oil company in the Niger Delta.  

Daryn makes a case for how the new imperialist power are multinational corporations, cloaking themselves in the American flag out of convenience.

Bonus Show:

Starting today the bonus show will be a separate post! Stay tuned.

This Weeks Music:

Joni Mitchell 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem' & Feist 'How Come You Never Go There'

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