Leaky Boat And The Paddles Are On Fire (570)

We begin this week with the wonderful Kathy Vatcher, member and membership director for the Mycological Society of Toronto. Kathy joins us to talk about the wonderful fungi, it's uses in practical applications (eco-materials, biodegradable packaging, food, medicine etc), it's role in nature's web, some cool fungi facts and how they have impacted her personal artwork and appreciation of the natural world.

You can learn more about Kathy on her personal website here

You can learn more about the Mycological Society of Toronto, and sign up for their annual fungi foray here.

After our fun visit with Kathy, Stefan and Saryn dig into some more serious news by spending the rest of the program analyzing the various aspects of the disaster currently playing out in Houston Texas with the hurricane and flooding. We talk about the mainstream media coverage itself, what can be said about its relation to climate change, the knock-off effects that are largely not being talked about and the long term financial impacts among assorted other issues to prepare for.

We also acknowledge the disastrous flooding and mayhem and loss of life in South Asia, that among other impacts has put 1/3 of Bangladesh underwater with 40+ million impacted and over 1,200 reported deaths so far.

This Weeks Music:

The Organ "I Am Not Surprised"Limblifter "Tinfoil"

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