Take The Money Back #Exxonknew (569)

Stefan is away today and in his place we have a wonderful panel to discuss some important issues. Geoff Doner one of the co-founders of the art collective Bureau of Power and Light and official Green Majority Arts and Culture correspondent, Deirdre Leowinata a biologist and former regular on-air contributor and Rob Shirkey, Executive Director of Our Horizon all join the show this week as co-hosts.

In the first section, Geoff leads a discussion of the implications and impacts of climate refugees for Canada and abroad. We also discuss the disconnect between Canada's relative openness to accepting refugees, while not acknowledging our role as a nation in contributing to, or not preventing the conditions that resulted in the need for these people to flee their home countries in the first place.

In the middle section, Saryn introduces the topic of the 'war on expertise' as seen in the rejection by large portions of the public of the science and research that helps us make decisions because it doesn't align with their personal worldviews and the talking points of the political party they prefer. One of the main takeaways, is that there is a largely untapped opportunity by 'left' politicians to fill the void and actually try talking to these folks by showing them why they are in fact the ones who are likely to be harmed the most by not listening to these experts.

In the last section we play a clip for 'The Young Turks' the largest independent online news show in the world. In it host Cenk Uygur lays out what we know about just how much Exxon and other oil companies have lied to us, and we agree with him that they pocketed the money from lying to us for 25 years, and we should get that money back to pay for the cost to clean up their mess. #ExxonKnew and made billions of lying to the rest of us, and we think they should pay for their mistake instead of you.

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CSNY 'Teach Your Children' & Leonard Cohen 'Everybody Knows'

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