The Dangerous Grandmother (591)

Stefan is off this week, but we are not short of guests as friend of the show, and sustainable investment coach Tim Nash joins Saryn as co-host. Tim helps interview our Green Majority EV (electric vehicle) market expert Matthew Klippenstein. Matthew contributes to the Cleantechnica blog and podcast on the EV market as well as contributing to a variety of other publications.

In the middle section, Tim and I chat about where his work with good investments for people and Matthew's work with markets overlap as well as promote the upcoming "Good Investment Fair" he is running in Toronto on Feb 21 at the Centre for Social Innovation.

In the last section, we talk to Beatrice Hunter a grandmother and First Nations Land Protector from Labrador, Canada about her experience fighting the Muskrat Falls mega-project, including having spent 11 days in jail for crossing a barrier in protest. You can learn more about the issue as well as support the Labrador Land Protectors with the links below.

This Weeks Music:

Gathering Sparks "Louisiana Blues" & Chad VanGaalen "Pine and Closer"

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