Controversial Opinions (594)

Stefan is off again this week and the intrepid Rob Shirkey joins us in his steed. Rob is the Executive Director of Our Horizon, working with municipalities and governments to put accountability warning labels on gas pumps. Rob is here however this week not to talk about his work directly, but rather to add another side to the #ExxonKnew story. States and cities in the US are signalling they want to take big oil to court to help pay for climate mitigation. But you know who else knew (In part thanks to Rob) and also did nothing? They did.

The second half of the show Saryn talks about another controversial opinion this time closer to home. The BC vs Alberta battle continues to be waged over the Kinder Morgan pipeline, but unlike the vast majority of the time, this time there may actually be a legitimate argument to be made to actually letting it through! Please listen to the episode before you send us angry letters :)

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