Back To School Special (595)

Stefan opens the show with an appeal for support and awakening to our friends and partners in the First Nations community as we mourn Tina Fontaine and Colten Boushie. If common human decency doesn't do it for you, remember that when we ask for First Nations support with climate and pipelines we must also be there for them. Please read the below links to learn more.

The main feature this week is a throwback to my undergrad year here at the University of Toronto by welcoming one of my former professors onto the program to talk about climate science. Professor (Dr.) Danny Harvey from the department of Geography, who has spent the last 40 years researching and teaching undergraduate students about climate science. Danny joins us today to talk about a couple of papers he recently released with some highly topical conclusions. One discusses the reality of meeting out 2030 agreements to the international community (hint, you can't make it work with Kinder Morgan's expansion) and the other about global trends on target compliance more generally. They are also short! You should make time to read these as well.

Lastly, we briefly talk about this article. Not a big topic, but weird right?

This Weeks Music:

Oscar Peterson "Jam in C" & Daniel Caesar "Best Part"

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