Stupidity Insurance: NEB In Depth (519)

We begin the show with an update on the ongoing and increasingly tense situation with the indigenous blockage of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Hundreds of tribes have joined the protest, and dogs and pepper spray are being deployed against them. The plot thickens and the TGM team is on it.

also mentioned... World's Largest Strike? Tens of Millions in India Rise Up Against Right-Wing Economic Policies

In the middle section, Daryn and Stefan dig into the ongoing National Energy Board scandals, with completely legitimate mistrust and skepticism about their independence and unbiased perspective on pipeline issues. The Liberal government is talking a lot about the need for trust (but otherwise reluctant to do anything) and citizens increasingly becoming aware of just how captured our government and it's regulators are by big oil in this country.

In the final section, the hosts discuss some *good news* as defined by our caveat heavy 'end on a high note' initiative for the show :)

Bonus Show!

Daryn and Stefan have a really important message for our listeners! Please take a few min to listen to today's bonus show even if you don't listen to the rest of the episode. This is not a gimmick! This concerns all of us.

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