Walk It Off, You'll Be OK (580)

Anxiety is commonly linked to 'millennials' and pseudo-psychologists from all over the landscape often pine and write articles about what's wrong with this generation blaming it on the internet and social media. But is that the whole story? Someone once said 'you aren't paranoid if they really are after you' and young adults not only have a lot of legitimate reasons to worry but also are (largely due to the internet) more informed than they're equivalently aged peers than any generation in history. The hosts discuss.

Our interview this week is with Ben and Josh Walters, co-founders of 'Feedback' an app based business that seeks to reduce the monstrous amount of food waste in restaurant industry due to customer expectations. These costs associated with the waste are just largely accepted as a normal part of doing business but Josh and Ben have come up with a way to not only offer consumers great food options at a big discount but also reduce food waste and costs for restaurateurs. Check out Feedback here.

The final section is a quick overview of a couple of ongoing issues largely out of the US as Peurto Rico continues to experience a humanitarian crisis, meanwhile the Trump administration with the help of the republican establishment (aka Big Business) are furiously dismantling climate research and consumer protections that keep people safe and healthy.

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Ria Mae "Ooh Love"Mo Kenney "I Faked It"

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