No Coal For Christmas (579)

We begin the show with a story about the ongoing death of coal, and how coal towns are largely not getting the message. There have been job retraining programs in place in the US since at least 2012 designed to retrain people away from the long-foretold death of the coal industry. Despite this, local programs are struggling to hit 20% enrollment even as coal companies themselves admit there's not going to be a resurgence no matter what Trump does.

In the next section, the hosts discuss the ongoing transparent corporate takeover of the US Environmental Protection Agency under the despicable Scott Pruitt, and the damage this will due to Americans lives. Also, a related story about pollution deaths being reported by the World Health Organization.

In the final section, Saryn and Stefan discuss urban planning and density for the future (and what we can learn from the past) as well as an update on the Kinder Morgan pipeline battle still happening on the west coast.

This Weeks Music:

Cuff the Duke "Count On Me" & Yes Nice "White Washed Walls"

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