Love Language (585)

*Important Update: The official end to the producer search has been set for Jan 12th! Get your applications and learn more on the official post here.*

This week we take a relaxed tone as we wind down for the holidays. Saryn opens with some commentary on the Roy Moore/Doug Jones Alabama senate race in the USA and what if any conclusions we can draw to larger social trends. Stefan also helps us clarify that while there is reason to be hopeful, that this doesn't contradict last weeks message that winning slowly is the same as loosing. The conclusion? There is a sweet spot between apathy and terror :)

We also talk about some ideas for the future with a short discussion about the upcoming forced transition away from our current capitalist structure due to the apparently success of capitalism itself. We talk about this transition and some ideas for the future.

This Weeks Music:

Slow Leaves "Perpetual Sleep" & Kacy & Clayton "Strange Country"

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