Predatory Delay (584)

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We begin the show this week with a look at a Bill McKibben article talking about the core issue with climate change, namely that winning slowly is the same as losing. Unlike other political issues, climate change get exponentially more dangerous the longer we take to address it. While we want desperately to applaud ANY progress towards a sustainable future, the reality is: there is a time limit and physics doesn't negotiate or give half-marks.

In the middle section we talk about many examples of the above with some incremental and in some cases actually meaningful changes that seem like they might actually take effect in Canada and globally to address this issue. These however have to be viewed through two critical lenses before we start applauding. Do they do enough, in time? Will they simply be ripped up in the next election by either an opposition party or a defensive governing party? Even if not, what else is being done elsewhere that offsets any forward motion?

Finally, we touch up on the NEW California wildfires, both as an update and as a reflective piece on disaster fatigue and the proximity issue of how much people care relating to our social proximity to the impact.

This Weeks Music:

The Weather Station 'Free' & Daniel Romano 'She Was The World To Me'

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