2017 Didn't Entirely Suck (587)

We do our best this week to end on a high note, with Stefan opening on a number of wins that you might have missed in between all the Russia investigation and North Korea nuclear threats.

In the middle we talk about Wyoming for a bit just for fun, as well as an update on the sick but still dangerous death throes of the climate denial movement as conservative 'think tanks' (aka propaganda outlets) even accuse oil companies of being 'in on it'.

Finally, we talk about the next year for American politics more generally and specifically with regards to climate progress. Republicans are concerned (as they should be) about a political bloodbath in 2018 midterm elections, and that's without a possible impending impeachment or 25th amendment (capacity removed by senate) of President Trump.

Happy Holidays!

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Repartee "Dukes"

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