Larger Than Life (588)

*Important Update: The official end to the producer search has been set for Jan 12th! Get your applications and learn more on the official post here.*

We open this week with a weather report, it's cold! Stefan and Deirdre discuss the extreme weather trends and the extreme names that go with them. We also talk a bit about the insurance industry and the idea of insurance, for insurance companies due to climate instability.

Documentary writer and director Christine Nielsen joins us to talk about the new CBC Nature of Things Doc Jumbo: The Life Of An Elephant Superstar. Christine talks about the emotions of elephants, the story of Jumbo and about the science of investigating a death from over 100 years ago. It is available now on the CBC Documentary website, and shows live on TV Jan 7th.

In the last section we catch up with Deirdre Leowinata, one of our former volunteers who stopped in while in town about an environmental documentary she is working on, as well as the big push by Trump to drill in the arctic and offshore drilling in general.

This Weeks Music:

Cuff The Duke "Count On Me" & The Organ "Memorize The City"

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