No Justice = No Peace (545)

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With a loose theme of social justice this week Stefan begins the show with the Flint Water crisis, no not another one... it's STILL a crisis. Also covered in the first section are the proposed health care and EPA cuts, both of which will vastly disproportionately affect people of colour in the USA. However, apparently electing Obama solved racism so that can't be it.

Our interview this week is with Carl Williams, staff attorney with The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Massachusetts office. Carl talks to host Daryn about the defensive posture the ACLU and many other organizations are having to take to push back Trumps racist and discriminatory policies, the good work still going on in the background and how to push forward protecting Americans on a wide variety of issues in the face of outright, bold-faced white-nationalism in the White House. 

Also, while it was not discussed on the show directly... it is on topic for this week. Journalist Desmond Cole's Doc 'The Skin We're In' came out yesturday and can be watched streaming (Canada only sorry!) here and we recommend watching that as well.

In the last section Sabina introduces some new 'clean' vehicles being released by major car companies and the hosts discuss in the light of major scandals involving car companies at the same time including Volkswagen and Uber.

Bonus Show:

The hosts discuss Shell's 1991 internal film discussing the reality of climate change (something about that date should bother you), it's sudden divestment from Canada's tar-sands and more... Check it out!

This Weeks Music:

Leonard Cohen 'Sisters of Mercy' & John K Samson 'When I write MA Thesis'

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