Don't Kill My Flow (598)

Stefan begins the show with some legal news as students from the US who are challenging the government to defend it's inaction on climate change as negligence of their constitutional responsibility to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

In the middle segment, we interview Jessica Panetta from Terracycle, a private recycling company that helps close the gap where municipal recycling systems fail or can't handle certain materials. We talk to Jessica about recycling cigarette buts, making benches out of bottles and complimenting municipal systems.

n the final segment, we talk to Jen Li about 'Don't Kill My Flow' an artist produced and focused event that seeks to create a conversation about our connection to water and an awareness of the issues around plastic bottle use in the dance and other artist communities. If you are in Toronto (or can get here) the event is at the Artscape building on World Water Day, March 22nd. 

Stefan closes the show with a quick story about factory fish farming that is gross. Sorry :)

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