Does Jason Kenny Like Jello? (597)

We begin with a news roundup covering the ongoing downward spiral of American environmental protections and the complete takeover of government by private interests. Trump hands more government positions to people who have spent their whole life fighting those organizations for their own private gain, but what else is new.

e didn't have time to talk about but you should still read:

In the interview segment, we talk to Jon Love who is half a team that is working to bring to Toronto. Drawdown is a project by Paul Hawkins in California (and a great book) identifying the 100 most effective ways to fight climate change impacts (mitigation) and Jon is working with Toronto groups and individuals to try to curate a Toronto vision for Drawdown via a series of workshops. 

In the final segment we ask the important question: does Jason Kenny like Jello? It's apparently fine to ask such questions as politicians of all stripes and parties in Canada panic to try to serve their oil masters and do absolutely everything in their power to get those damned pipelines built! Including apparently calling activists 'treasonous'. We have a few questions for Kenny and those politicians, do you like jello?

We also talk about some great new work helping to translate some of those big climate projections actionable by developing a set of five “shared socio-economic pathways” (SSPs) that connect climate model outcomes with real world choices and conditions to help connect the models to a road-map policy options.

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