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We start the show with  Canadian ecologist and internationally published novelist Nina Munteanu. Nina helps us celebrate World Water Day by discussing her most recent book "Water Is..." as well as her philosophy to learning and knowledge. You can learn more about Nina and her writing here.

We also discuss a number of direct actions taking place across Canada this week, particularly those in BC over the ongoing Kinder Morgan pipeline battle. There are also some opportunities to participate in Ontario. By the time of this posting the Ontario events will have passed but we encourage you to look up the links anyways to connect for future actions.

In the second half of the program, Stefan hosts a discussion with friend of the show Rob Shirkey, Founder and Executive Director of Our Horizon which advocates policy at various government levels to put risk awareness labels on gas pumps to visibly link oil and climate change in peoples day to day lives in the same way that similar labels work on Tobacco packaging. Stefan guides Rob as he reflects on his recent trip to participate in the bi-annual "Friends of Europe" conference to discuss his ideas and learn about what people from all over the world are working on on a wide variety of progressive causes including climate change and social justice issues.

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