Mike De Souza on Kinder Morgan (605)

After weeks of covering award winning journalist Mike De Souza's incredible work on climate and pipeline issues in Canada, we finally got another opportunity to talk to the man himself. Mr. De Souza is the Managing Editor of the National Observer, and one of the most prolific authors of impactful reporting on Canada's pipeline stories in the country joins us for the full hour this week. 

We take the opportunity to take a break from commentary to hear from him the hard facts around the last two years of news surrounding Canada's biggest climate story: Pipelines.

Segment 1: NEB & Charest Affair
We ask Mike to go over the recent history of pipeline battles in Canada, including what the National Energy Board (NEB) is, why it matters, the story of Energy East/Keystone XL and how they relate to Kinder Morgan, and the relevance of the "Charest Affair".

Segment 2: Trudeau approves KM through the claim that it was rigged
We ask Mike to detail the current activities and cases with regards to Kinder Morgan's currently besieged Trans-Mountain Pipeline. Trudeau approved Kinder Morgan while shutting down northern gateway, proposing it as a middle path. Since then, the future of the pipeline seems further imperiled. 

Segment 3: The Fallout
What's next, what cases are still to be decided and who are the main players at this stage. We also ask Mike to briefly comment on the public sentiment in BC, and the politicization of the issue in the media.

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